Wet Glaze Attachment

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- Wet Glaze Attachment -

Almost everyone hates doing wet glaze. It’s either a disaster, a mess, or the speed at which your in-house installers perform the installation monopolizes the total bandwidth of the rest of the team and kills cash flow. Occasionally, you may find a local glazier who can help, but you’re typically at the back end of their priority list and thus can spend weeks waiting to get your project done. KAM, on the other hand, loves wet glaze. Appropriately scheduled, our window film subcontracting team can caulk up to 4,000 Linear Feet in one day before bringing in our extended crew. Our beads are sharp and straight, our corners tucked nicely, and whatever your manufacturer specs are will be followed. The adage- “one size fits all”- doesn’t work on those particular property managers – we follow specs, so you don’t have to explain why that 3/8″ bead on film looks like a 3/4″ bead.

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